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The Ingrave Johnstone Team

The Ingrave Johnstone Team


The team at Ingrave Johnstone work hard to maintain the high quality of education we provide for our pupils.


Below you will see a list of our staff.






Mr J. Rogers


School Business Manager


Mrs T. Lee


Office Staff


Mrs M. Crawley

Mrs J. Olson

Mrs E. Hart


Class Teachers

Mrs S. Allan

Mrs K. Redman

Mrs L. Mellor

Mrs H. Chadborn

Miss A. Bryant

Miss J. English

Mrs P. Smart

Mrs L. Knox

Miss A. Neill

Miss J. Winnett

Mrs R. Kent

HLTAs and TAs


Mrs K. Winter

Mrs J. Dunn

Mrs P. Nelson

Mrs K. Belcher

Mrs M. Whyatt

Mrs K. Martin

Miss J. Fleckney






Midday Assistants

Mrs J. Page

Mrs E. Hart

Mrs S. Allen

Mrs P. Nelson

Mrs A. Hyde

Mrs N. Towner

Mrs R. Dixon

Miss J. Fleckney

Miss O. Lancaster



Site Manager


Mr T. Portway



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