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Medication Form

Medicines in School

If, on the rare occasion a child has to have a prescribed medication administered during school time, and parents are unable to come along and do this themselves, a written request detailing the medication to be given along with other relevant information should be sent to the School Office.  The medication must be sent in a suitable container, preferably professionally packed, and clearly labelled with: the child’s name; the name of the medicine; the dosage and timing and the date.  Parents are responsible for the delivery and collection of medicines to and from the School Office.  We feel that medication prescribed less than four times every 24 hours should ordinarily be administered at home. However, in exceptional circumstances, arrangements can be made to administer medicine which has been prescribed for less than this at school.

If a child has a chronic illness, e.g. epilepsy or severe allergy, a meeting is arranged with the Headteacher/SENCO, parents and School Nurse, prior to the child starting school, so that a care plan can be drawn up to actively manage the child’s condition.