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Meet the Staff

The Ingrave Johnstone Staff Team

Mr J. Rogers
School Business Manager
Mrs T. Lee

Reception / Early Years
Mrs R. Kent – Teacher
Ms A. Neill – Teacher
Mrs K. Martin – Teaching Assistant
Miss J. Fleckney - Teaching Assistant

Class 1
Miss F. Parslow – Teacher
Mrs A. Bryant Berkin - Teacher
Mrs J. Dunn – Teaching Assistant

Class 2
Miss S. Mda – Teacher
Mrs K. Belcher – Teaching Assistant
Class 3
Mr P. Van Mellaerts – Teacher
Mrs A. Bryant Berkin - Teacher
Mrs P. Nelson – Teaching Assistant

Class 4
Mrs J. Gregory – Teacher
Mrs M-L. Whyatt – Teaching Assistant

Class 5
Mrs S. Allan – Teacher/ Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L. Knox – Teacher
Mrs S. Jenkins – Teaching Assistant

Class 6
Mrs K. Redman – Teacher / Deputy Headteacher
Mrs K. Winter – Teaching Assistant

Administration Team
Mrs M. Crawley – Office Manager
Mrs E. Hart – Administration Assistant
Mrs R. Clements – Finance Assistant

Site Manager
Mr T. Portway

Mrs A. Bryant Berkin

Midday Assistants
Mrs J. Page
Mrs E. Hart
Mrs P. Nelson
Mrs A. Hyde
Mrs N. Towner
Miss J. Fleckney
Mrs R. Clements
Mrs K. Martin

IT Technician
Mrs S. Samuelson